Marvin Gorman

Reverend Marvin Gorman preached the Word of God for more than 60 years. From the time God called him as a young man in Arkansas, God imparted to him a compassionate love for humanity.   

For more than 37 years he and his wife, Virginia, pastored churches. One of those pastorates was First Assembly of God in New Orleans, LA, which grew from a modest 100 members to well over 6000. They also began a radio and television ministry outreach, whose programs were broadcast daily throughout the United States, as well as overseas.

 In 1985 Reverend Gorman established Foundation for Human Helps. This organization was formed to effectively increase his ability to reach out to humanity around the world. His heart-cry was always to see the lost come to Jesus Christ, to bring healing to the sick and restoration to those who were broken.

 A highly-motivated visionary, his ministry was international. Reverend Gorman conducted leadership conferences throughout the United States and was very successful at conducting those conferences in many parts of the world. They provided specific training for the national pastors and leaders. He was actively involved in projects for missions around the world and served as a spiritual father for several churches throughout the United States, Mexico, Central America, and Africa. 

 His goal was to train and develop leaders, and to assist them in accomplishing all that God desired them to be by making available a variety of training materials.  He shipped approximately 2,000 books from his personal library to East Africa.  They are being used in Bible Colleges in Africa.  Some of Reverend Gorman's books have been translated into foreign languages. Foundation for Human Helps has also provided assistance in the construction of buildings.

 He was a source of inspiration and encouragement to church leaders around the world. His ministry continues to challenge believers to strive for and reach a higher spiritual level and a deeper walk with the Lord. Because of his years of anointed ministry and godly wisdom, fellow ministers continually sought Reverend Gorman's counsel and support.