Strong Wisdom For Strong Marriages

"Strong Wisdom For Strong Marriages" (Booklet).

  • Chapter 1 Who's in Charge?
  • Chapter 2 Loving and Forgiving
  • Chapter 3 Restoring God's Order
  • Chapter 4 Sexual Intimacy
  • Chapter 5 Divorce and Remarriage

(24 Pages)

You Can Be Filled With The Spirit (Booklet)

"You Can Be Filled With The Spirit".

"Today, more than ever before, Christians are engaged in a fierce spiritual battle against the forces of Satan...That is why I  believe every Christian today needs to be filled with the Spirit.  We need to be full of His power and truth.  If we are going to be victorious over Satan in these last days, I believe we must have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us...To help you understand Who the Holy Spirit is, what He does and how you can receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, I want to answer a few of the questions people have asked me.  

(23 pages)

The Word Bible

"The Word Bible".

The Word Study Bible is a wonderful addition to your library. It offers 26 different translations to the Bible that will help you in understanding the Word.

The 21 Day Fast, by Bob Rodgers

"The 21 Day Fast" book by Bob Rodgers.

“The purpose of "THE 21 DAY FAST" is to share the power that will explode in your life as you add fasting to your prayers.  Another purpose is also to help you prepare and give guidelines for your fast of 21 days.  This simple, yet dynamic, book of encouragement will be a genuine daily help to you.”

Bob Rodgers is pastor of Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, KY.

(127 pages)